Lessons learned during my first sprint as a scrum master

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If things are not going the way you want them to be, complain less, resolve more

Very similar mindset to how I started the whole initiative.

I opened my calendar and created daily standup on Google Meet. Started wiping off irrelevant stories and organizing relevant ones. The usual.

The first couple of standups went well. The team was on time for it, and I was leading it, but that was the problem. It was only me leading it, only me trying to pull the team to run with me.

After a couple of sprints, the members started skipping it, which in most companies leads to some arguments, even if the members skipped for genuine, or not so genuine reasons.

Now I could've done the same, but I'm still a developer and so I still have a good perspective of that side too. So when I saw them skipping, I started questioning my decision on why even do a Google Meet Standup? And this led me to research about async standups.

Instead of calling the team to be on a fixed Google Meet call, why not do it asynchronously on somewhere like slack, where I could... cut them some slack (hehe)

So this led me to discover geekbot which is used for managing standups. Now we could just create a workflow in slack or something but geekbot seemed like a better choice.

So now I'm trying to learn how async teams work and what we should be doing next to make it easier for devs to work.

If you would've asked me about removing silo communication and type everything in channels instead of silo, I would've been against it. I never knew about this side of things. Having worked in an office environment, even though I liked remote, I was still molded to having mostly 1 to 1 convos and not be talking in channels with tons of people.

When our manager introduced this concept, I might've even been cynical. Even though I was up-to-date about how software industry is evolving, I wasn't aware of this topic.

It was only after I started researching about it when I realized that I'm not at the better side, and have now learned the benefits of communicating over slack in channels and making processes async.

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