Self-Taught Journey Update 2019-2020

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A bit of history

I wrote an article one year ago about how I started my journey as a self-taught developer in Pakistan. Since then, I've experienced a lot and I want to share them, which might help out developers.

Journey continued

I talked about finally getting my first job by reference. I worked for about a year and then I had to leave it.

The commute was super long (~ 1 hour). At the start, I knew I needed a job to update my portfolio so I didn't bother with it, but then it started getting to me.

We had another office near my home but they wouldn't move me there since it wasn't the developer one. I used to go there for meetings and stuff, and occasionally for some days in a week thanks to my PO.

I was paid less but I didn't complain since that was the hustle of being self-taught. Although I was learning for myself so I used to work a lot so that I could learn as much as possible.

One time I was in an accident (not hurt) and the car was kinda messed up so I had to take some time off to fix it, where I was told to "just use uber". That was the breaking point for me since I wasn't paid a lot and I couldn't just afford to use uber to travel to the place and back home (which was a lot of money).

So I decided to leave that job. I was fed up with being told to not take time off and get back to work, even though I completed everything in sprints and was way more productive than I should be.

I didn't have another job at my hand, but that constant frustration made me decide that I won't be able to go the less risky way. I was in the process of having a remote one, but I was expecting that I wouldn't get that one.

I said to myself, I've already gone through a high-risk path i.e. going self-taught, so why would I be scared to do something like that again? So I left that job, ASAP. I wouldn't be getting that month's salary but I didn't care since it wasn't a lot.

Sometime later, I found out that I didn't get the remote job that I was trying out. So then I decided to try out my own stuff.

That also didn't work out.

But then something happened.

Someone reached me out for a job offer. It was someone who I met in a casual tech talk our Head of Software Development had organized, so the act of going to that small conference of about 7 people, led to me getting a job offer sometime later.

I accepted that offer and it is the company I'm currently working with.

I wrote about how I started learning about management in another article, but TL;DR, I started working as a rust developer and then also took the initiative to implement scrum and take of its implementation (doing what I saw my PO do in my previous job).

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